Customize Transaction Amounts For Your Needs
We understand there is a wide variety of possibilities when calculating and providing rights holders with owed royalties. Therefore we offer many different ways to include amounts, both pre and post-calculation.

In this article, we will discuss the business need and logic around which amount attributes to use in your transactions. For a general understanding of the different transaction types, along with a technical description, please review the article Sending Transactions as well as the full API Documentation.
Amount Attributes
The transaction-amount attribute is the highest level amount type and can be used for any purchase transaction type (ie. subscription-purchase, download-purchase). The value would be the gross sales price less any deductions allowed (ie. app store fees). CrossClear then uses this amount to calculate a base amount for royalty calculation (transaction-amount x royalty percentage) and further a licensor's pro-rata share. Note this amount type can not be used for non-purchase transaction types, such as subscription-stream. These other types of transactions would be used in the royalty's pro-rata calculation process only.
publisher-base-amount, studio-base-amount
The publisher-base-amount and studio-base-amount attributes replace the transaction-amount with separate base transaction amounts for publishers and studios. This can be helpful if publishers and studios allow for different deductions to the gross sales amount. All other transaction-amount requirements from the above description apply.
The pre-calculated-allocation bypasses the transaction-amount with base royalty amounts calculated before uploading transactions (transaction-amount x royalty percentage). CrossClear then uses this amount to calculate a licensor's pro-rata share only. Due to the natural order of royalty calculation, note this amount type should be used for asset-level transaction types (ie. subscription-stream, download-purchase).
publisher-pre-calculated-allocation, studio-pre-calculated-allocation
The publisher-pre-calculated-allocation and studio-pre-calculated-allocation attributes replace the pre-calculated-allocation with separate base royalty amounts for publishers and studios. This can be helpful if publishers and studios have different MFN royalty rates. All other pre-calculated-allocation requirements from the above description apply.
Finally, it is important to note that conflicting amounts will be applied by CrossClear from the lowest to the highest level.

Therefore, if you were to include both a transaction-amount and a publisher-base-amount, the publisher-base-amount would override.

If you were to use a transaction-amount and a pre-calculated-allocation, the pre-calculated-allocation would override.